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Module: Mobile Operators and Networks

Global Financial Benchmarking, Q1 2020

This report compares 27 telecoms groups using the following financial metrics: revenue, EBITDA, EBITDA margin, capex and capex/revenue ratio.

It provides a global perspective by comparing telecoms groups from different regions, as opposed to making market-specific comparisons of local operators owned by various telecoms groups. In this edition, we have increased coverage from 20 to 27 groups.

The benchmarking is based on reported consolidated financial data for Q1 2020, including profit and loss and cashflow statements.

Each iteration of this report closely examines three groups from three different regions, offering a more detailed overview of their financials and any major events impacting their performance in the future. In this edition, we look at Telefónica, Etisalat and MTN.

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