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The Impacts of mmWave 5G in India

5G networks offer the potential to transform industrial sectors and deliver significant social and economic benefits in India. Over the period 2023-2040, we forecast that 5G technologies will make an overall contribution of approximately $450 billion to the Indian economy.

mmWave spectrum in particular will play a crucial role in enabling the high-speed and ultra-low-latency features required by many 5G applications. India will benefit significantly from mmWave-enabled 5G. Over the period 2025-2040, we estimate that mmWave-enabled 5G will deliver $150 billion in additional GDP for India.

This latest report from GSMA Intelligence examines the socioeconomic benefits of mmWave in India by sector. It also provides case studies of the impact for two particular industries (manufacturing and healthcare) and recommends policy focus areas if India is to realise the socioeconomic benefits and foster the adoption of the most technologically advanced 5G use cases.

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