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Enterprise Opportunity 2024: operator strategies, plans and expectations

There is growing awareness among enterprises of the benefits of mobile technologies for digital transformation. Operators are therefore more focused than ever on serving the enterprise sector across various industry verticals.

This report presents the latest findings of the Operators in Focus: Enterprise Opportunity Survey. The survey asked 100 operators globally about their enterprise strategies, including how they are carrying out their plans and how they assess emerging opportunities.

Focus areas include operators’ strategic priorities, internal reorganisation, and investment in the enterprise business. The survey explores 5G, private wireless networks and IoT, assessing the progress made and tracking the degree of focus on these areas among operators now and ahead.

As enterprise 5G opens up opportunities for more market entrants, the survey asked operators to evaluate competitive forces and partnership opportunities across the wider enterprise technology ecosystem. Looking to the future, the survey also evaluated operator sentiment around emerging opportunities in the metaverse and drones.

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