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Mobile Operators and Networks

The Mobile Economy 2024

By the end of 2023, 5.6 billion people globally subscribed to a mobile service, including 4.7 billion people who also used the mobile internet. This access not only facilitates communication but also unlocks the benefits of life-enhancing applications, including digital finance, health and clean energy. The impact of mobile connectivity is further evidenced by its contribution to the economy; in 2023, mobile technologies and services generated 5.4% of global GDP, a contribution that amounted to $5.7 trillion of economic value added.

In addition to a range of technology, socioeconomic and financial datasets, the Mobile Economy 2024 examines key trends across the mobile industry: the transition to 5G standalone and 5G-Advanced; the growing impact of network API initiatives; telco-satellite partnerships; rising eSIM adoption; and the potential of generative AI. Additionally, it explores mobileā€˜s impact on the SDGs and on women micro-entrepreneurs in low and middle-income countries. Finally, the research discusses key industry enablers, including policies for the effective allocation of spectrum.

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