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Covid-19 impact: testing the resiliency of mobile networks

The acceleration of Covid-19 from a virus localised in China to a global pandemic has been exceptionally rapid. Reported cases have now surpassed 1 million, driven by community transmission that has shifted west to Europe and now the US. The effects on national healthcare systems, economic activity and day-to-day living have been profound.

The widespread shift in working patterns from the office to the home has thrust communications and the resiliency of telecoms networks to the fore. In recognition of the vast number of organisations that drive or depend on such networks, our latest series of Insight Spotlights examines the implications of Covid-19 across the telecoms, media and technology sector. In this Spotlight, we focus on the usage and resiliency of mobile networks, considering fast-changing supply and demand factors as well as the implications for mobile operators and regulators.

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