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Edge computing in the 5G era: technology and market developments in China

Edge computing is moving from concept to early-stage deployments as new use cases demand a more decentralised approach to computing and networking than a traditional, fully cloud-based model. Operators, network vendors and cloud companies are conducting trials and launching early commercial products in the US, Europe, China and developed markets of Asia Pacific. While progress on edge trials continues, there are still critical questions to address around the most viable location of the edge, the magnitude of edge investment needed, and the actual business models.

This report looks at current and future developments in the edge computing ecosystem across several perspectives: technology, use cases, market outlook, opportunities, business model, and policy and regulation. The report offers a global view before focusing on China, a leading market in 5G, IoT and edge computing.

Through our unique and comprehensive survey, we gathered and analysed the latest insights and views from key companies in the nascent Chinese edge computing ecosystem, including the three Chinese mobile operators, telecoms network vendors, cloud and edge specialists, technology players, and companies from a number of vertical industries.

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