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How spectrum will shape the outlook for 5G in Russia

5G will drive innovation and economic growth, delivering greater societal benefit than previous mobile technology generations and enabling new digital services and business models to thrive. However, this will require a supportive regulatory and policy environment, especially with regard to spectrum.

In this report, the GSMA offers a number of insights and recommendations to ensure Russia can realise the full potential of 5G, within an appropriate timescale.

The report examines the outlook for 5G in Russia and sets it against the context of 5G adoption globally. It outlines forecasts for 5G uptake in Russia and the expected economic benefits that 5G will bring to the country. The report looks in detail at which spectrum bands are most appropriate for the widest adoption of 5G, as well as how countries around the world are moving to clear and then allocate this spectrum for mobile operators to use.

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