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Smartphone Market Intelligence Dashboard

An interactive view of what will drive consumer purchase decisions in 2021

The smartphone market has been stress-tested in 2020, with Covid-19 impacting supply chains, distribution, sales channels and most significantly consumer demand. With mobile churn picking up post lockdown, smartphone OEMs must position themselves carefully to capitalise on consumers’ changing priorities in 2021.

Our data shows that major brands including Apple and Samsung lead the race in terms of brand loyalty, but there is also little to separate a wide range of OEMs, from industry stalwarts such as Nokia and Sony, to more recent but rapidly growing entrants such as Oppo and Vivo.

Our Smartphone Market Intelligence Dashboard – based on the GSMA Intelligence Consumers in Focus Survey, spanning 20 markets and 20,000 respondents - provides an interactive view to help assess smartphone OEM performance and positioning, including detailed views of the following:

-how OEMs rank on brand loyalty

-how consumers rate the various aspects of their devices, from battery life to camera quality and visual appeal

-when they are likely to replace their current handset and their preferred retail channel

-most importantly, the factors that will drive purchase decisions, from smartphone attributes such as 5G compatibility, device durability and data security, to the value-added services they are looking to bundle with their purchase.

For a sample view, please click on the infographic download below, or download the full Excel dashboard for a complete view.

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