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Module: Mobile Operators and Networks

The Mobile Economy Asia Pacific 2020

The digital ecosystem across Asia Pacific has proved vital in the response to recent global challenges, especially the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants from the entire digital value chain – including operators, vendors, internet players and governments – are pulling together to ensure the most positive outcome possible.

As a side effect of the pandemic, Mobile operators have been granted a unique opportunity with a boost in the adoption of mature/quality-based services e.g. video calling for business, online collaboration tools, video streaming, e-commerce and mobile payments.

Meanwhile, 5G continues to gather pace across the region, with nine markets having launched commercial mobile 5G services and 12 more officially announcing plans to do so. This makes Asia Pacific home to some of the most advanced 5G markets in the world, with countries such as Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea all aiming to be global leaders in 5G.

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