Definitive data and analysis for the mobile industry
Module: Digital Consumer

5G Consumer Scorecard

With unprecedented granularity, the 5G Consumer Scorecard shows how consumers approach 5G differently depending on their country, the mobile operator they subscribe to, and the brand of smartphone they use. The interactive scorecard, based on our extensive Consumers in Focus Survey, allows you to:

-understand 5G upgrade intent, which markets are primed for the new technology, and which operators and smartphone vendors are taking a leading position

-assess current 5G user experience, and the factors consumers point to as driving their positive or negative experience

-identify the top barriers stopping consumers from upgrading to 5G

-examine the impact of 5G on the use of key mobile services, and understand consumer preferences for future 5G use cases.

For a sample view, click on the infographic download below, or download the data for a complete view of the Scorecard.

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