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Digital societies in Asia Pacific: Accelerating progress through collaboration

The GSMA’s sixth annual report on digital societies in Asia Pacific tracked the progress of 11 focus countries (Australia, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam) on the key aspects of a digital society: digital identity, digital citizenship, digital lifestyle and digital commerce. This year’s report includes an update to the index to better reflect today’s technology.

The report’s findings provide insights into the role that collaborative efforts can play to advance digital societies in Asia Pacific. 4G and 5G connectivity allow for people, places and things to be connected in a way never seen before. As innovations are launched, collaborative efforts by players from different sectors can facilitate a diversity of ideas that helps to provide clarity over a shared purpose. Ultimately these collaborative efforts can lower barriers and create prosperous partnerships. A whole-of-government approach, along with public-private collaboration, provides opportunities for Asia Pacific to leapfrog pain points and ensure that the benefits of a digital society are widely spread.

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