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Enterprise in Focus Survey Dashboard: State of the IoT Market

Following on from our in-depth analysis, Enterprises speak: IoT gets real, this interactive dashboard presents the granular data from our latest Enterprise in Focus Survey, spanning 18 countries and over 2,800 enterprises across a range of verticals.

The data shows the impact of Covid-19 on enterprise IoT adoption and plans. For example, the percentage of respondents in the healthcare sector that claim to have deployed IoT and have plans to deploy further devices has grown by 10 percentage points compared to 2019. Sectors such as automotive, manufacturing and utilities also witnessed increased levels of IoT deployment, while others have experienced declines, with transportation and warehousing declining by 5 percentage points. Across the board, however, the percentage of enterprises with initial IoT deployments under way or at proof-of-concept stage increased by 10 percentage points during 2020 - a clear signal that digital transformation is becoming an imperative across different industry sectors.

In addition to tracking IoT adoption, the dashboard outlines the challenges enterprises face when deploying IoT, their desired success measures and views on the impact of IoT to their businesses.

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