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Consumer 5G: how the mmWave value proposition can address pain points

At the end of October 2022, a total of 20 countries had allocated mmWave spectrum for 5G, with almost 10 more announcing plans to do so over the next year. mmWave 5G service launches across seven countries provide insight into what the technology can deliver, but they also help highlight the room for growth that remains.

Building on these launches, the recent MWC Las Vegas 5G mmWave Summit showcased cutting-edge service experiences and technology innovations. It also added to the mmWave conversation by asking how consumers view the value of mmWave in support of 5G. What problems does it solve? How much do consumers value it? And how would they want to access to it? Answers to these questions were the result of a consumer survey by Qualcomm.

This report forms part of a series, in collaboration with Qualcomm, exploring in detail the survey data to better understand the mmWave value proposition for consumers. The series begins with the pain points mmWave can address.

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