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The changing shape of smart cities: new trends and new roles for operators

Smart cities are not new, but recent developments indicate a shift to smart and sustainable cities where digital technology is used for multiple purposes including environmental aspects. This requires closer collaboration between city stakeholders throughout the entire smart city lifecycle, from the initial assessment to strategy design and implementation. Operators are increasingly involved in smart city projects. For some, their role is moving beyond providing connectivity to become smart city solution providers.

Technology is key to realising the potential of smart cities. Some technologies have already become essential (e.g. IoT, connectivity, cybersecurity and data management). Others, such as 5G, AI, digital twins and edge computing, offer opportunities for more advanced smart city applications. The diverse range of technological capabilities also requires the use of smart city platforms, which are becoming new decision-making centres. 

This reports looks at the drivers of smart cities and their progress so far. It examines the possible roles for operators in phases of the smart city lifecycle, provides a selection of case studies, and offers an outlook on the potential accelerators ahead.

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