Definitive data and analysis for the mobile industry
Module: Spectrum , Mobile Operators and Networks

The socio-economic benefits of mid-band 5G services

In 2030, 5G is forecast to generate a global GDP contribution of $960 billion. Mid-band spectrum will drive an increase of more than $610 billion, accounting for almost 65% of the overall socio-economic value generated by 5G. However, up to 40% of the expected benefits of mid-band 5G could be lost if no additional mid-band spectrum is assigned to mobile services.

This study by GSMA Intelligence outlines how, with the right regulatory tools, 5G can become a central pillar of economic development strategies worldwide. The analysis shows how the benefits of 5G to sectors such as healthcare, education, manufacturing and public administration can start a new wave of economic growth. It estimates, at the global and regional levels, the socio-economic benefits that can be delivered through sufficient mid-band spectrum assignments.

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