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Spectrum Navigator, Q4 2022: new insights and trends to watch

Spectrum is the lifeblood of mobile services and what drives the mobile economy, and the current spectrum landscape is more dynamic than ever before. The ecosystem today must contend with new spectrum allocation and deployment models, new enterprise competition for spectrum resources, and new demands on existing 2G and 3G spectrum resources.

Across the mobile industry and beyond, getting the right intelligence is key to understanding spectrum dynamics and to inform business decisions. This quarterly series leverages the GSMA Intelligence Spectrum Navigator tool to identify key trends and insights. The report outlines the latest important developments in the spectrum world and the key trends to watch going forward.

It covers the nascent 5G spectrum ecosystem and spectrum for previous generation networks. The data provided covers all the important factors, including past and future spectrum assignments, network launches, spectrum pricing, refarming and network sunsets.

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