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IoT market outlook: trends and drivers shaping connections growth through 2030

The global IoT market will continue to develop and grow at a sound pace through to 2030, with IoT connections reaching 38.5 billion by then. Enterprise will be the major driver of growth as digital transformation of vertical sectors accelerates. This report presents our latest forecasts and views on the evolution of the global IoT market, and the key changes between the new and previous forecasts. It provides our forecasts and underlying drivers for more than 10 individual consumer and enterprise segments, and for all regions in the world.  

New innovations, including satellite integration, eSIM/iSIM and AI, present both opportunities and challenges. There is also a significant shift towards sustainability and energy efficiency in sectors such as utilities and manufacturing. Moreover, the evolving landscape of mergers, acquisitions and strategic partnerships hints at aggressive expansion and diversification within the IoT domain.

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