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The essential role of AI in improving energy efficiency

Telecoms operators recognise the need for an energy efficiency plan to reduce CO2 emissions and lower costs without compromising on network performance and customer experience. According to our new report, in partnership with Nokia, 83% of operators rate energy efficiency as extremely or very important to their network transformation strategy, while 78% expect AI-driven solutions to be an extremely or very important part of their network transformation strategy.

To operate an energy-efficient network, a multitude of optimal decisions need to be made every minute, in real time and in various parts of a mobile network.  As AI allows vast amounts of data from different sources to be analysed quickly and efficiently, it expands the potential for several energy-saving opportunities across the whole network. Network operators cannot efficiently process information and make real-time decisions at scale without the use of AI. As energy consumption is a key operational cost for all operators, those that are currently not planning to use AI-driven energy management risk having a long-term competitive disadvantage.

In parallel, GSMA Intelligence has also released Industry pathways to net zero in partnership with Nokia. Both reports have significance for the telecoms ecosystem and enterprise customer segments in understanding the value of mobile and digital technology in transitioning towards a sustainable future and ultimately net zero.

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